our charities

  • Our model is simple. We recruit high quality graduates, train them, and place them with clients.
  • Our expertise is Investment Banking and Wealth Management, with a specific focus on Operations, Finance, Risk, Compliance and Front-to-back Business Change.
  • Our graduates stay with us for three years on a continuous journey of experience, education, gaining professional qualifications and networking. Their career will then take one of three paths; leave us to seek new opportunities with a first class CV and an impressive city network, become an experienced consultant with us, or find employment with one of our clients.

our graduates

We kickstart your career, giving you training, experience, professional qualifications, coaching, mentoring and the opportunity to grow your business network.

We are passionate about giving back to the community, and select a deserving project each quarter to help out in any way we can. This year we provided the Christmas turkeys to Crawley Open House, to feed over 60 people. This incredible charity provides a day centre and overnight hostel accommodation for the homeless. To find out more, visit their website 

Our Compliance Insights webinar videos can be accessed here (note: password required - if you would like access to our insight series please contact us)

about us

We are not career management consultants.

We have gained our experience and grown our network by working for large financial institutions in senior positions. 


1. We recruit from the best universities that offer the most relevant degrees as requested by our clients.

2. We involve clients in the recruiting process – they know they are getting the best because they helped recruit the best.

3. We provide relevant and targeted education both before graduates begin their placements and over their three years with us, involving a mix of in-house, client and academic training.

4. We provide continuous coaching and mentoring support to guarantee graduate and client satisfaction.

5. We offer additional client support for free. No hidden partner costs … if the client needs guidance with a challenge, we are only too willing to help.



'People are our business'