We recognise the constant challenges facing organisations:

  • Increasing client, business and regulatory demands
  • Decreasing budgets coupled with initiatives to drive down costs through restructures, outsourcing and headcount reduction exercises
  • A focus on retaining and enhancing revenues, with less investment in support functions and graduate programmes

Seeking external assistance to meet these challenges is a must, but consultancies are not cheap and often tailor their expertise to conveniently meet your needs.

Our model will work for you because:

We have candidates ready to go. We have access to a pool of over 96,000 graduates and post-graduate (up to two years after completing university) from more than 100 universities.

You help us to select our employees. After a robust selection process, final interviews are conducted with clients. You therefore have peace of mind that our pool of employees is hand picked based on client needs.

We pay, train, coach and mentor our employees. You avoid the need to recruit and retain permanent headcount. Our people are on our payroll. It is our responsibility to ensure our graduates receive continuous support for the three years they are with us.

We train employees to meet your needs. While we provide a generic foundation in financial education, we will provide bespoke training if it is required by you. We also recognise the need for 'workplace skills' and will ensure our graduates fit seamlessly into your organisation.

We provide a cost-effective solution. You no longer need to pay extortionate fees which can include additional loading to ‘pay the Partners’.

We seek continuous feedback. Our model only works if our graduates are meeting your needs. We maintain a constant dialogue to ensure this is the case.

We offer onsite support. We have relevant experience in most areas of finance, and we are only too willing to help. And you won’t find a hidden cost in any invoice for this.

It is true that new graduates lack ‘on the job experience’, but they will quickly gain this. What our people will have is academic knowledge, intelligence, motivation, energy, people skills and confidence.

'We provide quality resources at a competitive rate to complement your business requirements'

who we are...

James Gomes - Director

7 years Investment Banking, working in Operations and Controlling functions.

9 years Wealth Management, delivering large scale business and regulatory change. Became Head of Operations for the UK and Jersey, holding a CF10a position of responsibility with the Financial Conduct Authority. Held positions on the Chief Operating Officer Committee, the UK and Jersey Operating Committees and the Location Operations Committee.



Tony Earle - Director

8 years Investment Banking, working in Operations, IT, Business Change and Front Office functions.

8 years Wealth Management, delivering organisation change, running the full project portfolio for the UK and Jersey as Head of Change, and leading a European platform transformation programme. Held positions on the Chief Operating Officer Committee, the UK and Jersey Operating Committees and the European Change Committee.

our client proposition...

We have gained our experience and grown our network by working for large financial institutions in senior positions. Together with our training partner we have a combined total of over 45 years’ experience in Investment Banking and Wealth Management.