Achieving Success Lecture Series

Our first two presenters have been secured for our series of presentations on Achieving Success...

                                                              KATIE-GEORGE DUNLEVY

​                                                         PARALYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST

                                                              WEDNESDAY 23RD MAY




​         TUESDAY 19TH JUNE

A recruit joining our firm will be given the following opportunities...

A three year talent programme involving placement(s) within major financial organisations in the City of London (and Dublin for our Ireland-based employees).

Bespoke training tailored to support you in your first client role.

A week-long training foundation offsite covering the major aspects of banking and finance, coupled with workplace skills to support you in succeeding with our clients.

A three year learning pathway with online courses, monthly training and networking events, and mandatory professional qualifications to continuously build your knowledge.

A coaching and mentoring framework to support you throughout your client assignment(s).

A competitive salary with Y2 and Y3 raises, including a benefit allowance for private medical insurance.

Market Insights Series

Our 2018 Market Insights series can be accessed here.

Dates for the remaining 2018 webinars are as follows:

03.05.18          Wealth Management
07.06.18          The Equity market
05.07.18          Fixed Income
06.09.18          Foreign Exchange
04.10.18          Derivatives 

Katie-George will take us on her personal journey from being diagnosed with an incurable eye condition to winning Paralympic gold and silver medals for Team Ireland at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games

'We kickstart your career, giving you training, experience, coaching, mentoring and the opportunity to grow your business network'

our people

Warren will tell us what it takes to learn a quarter of a million notes without sheet music, then give us a private piano recital - champagne compulsory!!!



Our Compliance Insights webinar videos can be accessed here (note: password required - if you would like access to our insight series please contact us)