Our Temp Model may work for you because it delivers the following:

Flexibility – your current circumstances may suit short-term assignments more than a committed three-year talent programme

Location – in some circumstances, the opportunity is in a regional office, avoiding the inconvenience of a long commute

Opportunity – you are given upfront training then placed in a role in a major financial organisation. This gives you exposure to a unique environment and the opportunity to learn and network

Enhanced earnings – such bespoke challenges often offer weekend work, providing the opportunity to enhance earnings with overtime

If you are interested in applying for such an assignment, please go to our application form and make sure you select the ‘Temp Assignment’ option.

'We provide bespoke solutions for Clients and recruits'



our bespoke offering

our TEMP recruits

Clients often request something different from us. On occasions we are asked to quickly build a team to address a specific challenge, sometimes in a regional office, lasting anywhere from six months to a number of years. Since this sits outside of our core model, we offer the following service:

  • A bespoke client pitch to address the challenge at the requested price point
  • A recommended team structure
  • An onboarding plan – role advertising, testing, interviewing, hiring, screening and training
  • A support and supervision model once the team is on-site